Old Kitchenaid Grain Mill Attachment

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Old Kitchenaid Grain Mill Attachment
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Image by Chiot’s Run
I’m quite excited, I got a new Grain Mill. I used to use this old kitchenaid attachment, that didn’t so such a great job at producing nice fine flour. I also just received my copy of Peter Reinhart’s Whole Grain Breads: New Techniques, Extraordinary Flavor. I made the basic bread yesterday and was very impressed with the texture and flavor of the bread. I have never been able to get the right level of gluten development with my 100% whole grain bread to get the kind of crumb I wanted. Yesterday my dough passed the windowpane test perfectly and it baked up into the most beautiful loaf of 100% whole grain sourdough sandwich bread!


For Kathy
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Image by Mish Mish
New cover for my iphone – and I can still slide it down into the nice leather case Michael bought me. It’s snug in there, but better b/c before it slide out of the leather case too easy I though! I was afraid it would slide out and hit the floor!

The New Erotic Photography
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Image by tychay
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Image is a bookcover from Amazon

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